In May of 2008, I began a series of collages in the form of greeting cards as part of my aim to investigate the nature of being a human. I intended to only continue this project for a year but it found an irreplacable position in my personal process and in the hearts of some of my fans...and so it continues.

The cards capture different aspects of human emotion, points of view and stages of relationships. Some of these aspects so fleeting we would never recall them on own unless probed and others as deep-rooted and continually present in our being that they our existence aches with them. Roughly I have three categories that cards fall into; Matters of the Heart, Listen to Me, and Occasions. Matters of the Heart covers love, compliments, gratitude, sympathies, comfort and courting. Listen to Me covers advice, reflections and opinions. Occasions covers holidays, events and stages. Enjoy.

Monday, May 7, 2012

A collection of cards about that special someone

Here is a scattering of cards regarding loving someone from the beginning, it is sort of a constant progression and evolution of feelings; these cards range in date created from early on through 2010

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Some other earlier cards circa my first few years creating these

i found a lot to be said via parachutes and jumping out of things
then of course it was only natural to move into snakes
and eskimos
then i learned i could make cards for myself from other people. this was from my grandfather to me.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

to start us off, I will walk down memory lane

i was on a flight and the girl across from me was sitting with a total idiot, so i came back and made this
This was one of my first cards and summarized a couple years of high school for me
an ode to long term relationships? 
on a more serious note, i learn circa 2008 that sometimes relationships need to end no matter what you think should happen